SWAPEE | Battery Swapping Solution

Conventional Short Comings

Some conventional E-Bike concerns

Limited Mileage

Long term usage of the same battery would accumulate high cycle counts, eventually affecting journey continuation and also increasing cost of battery change with limited mileage.

Safety Risk

Residential charging can easily cause accident due to neglect by long charging time. Battery malfunctioning indoors or unattended supervision can pose a very high safety risk.

Hard Charging

8 to 12 hours are usually needed to fully charge a battery and for most of the time, and it is not constantly attended to. This traditional battery charging method cannot satisfy community needs.

How it Works

Swapping is Simple, Safe, and Hassle free.

Quick stop and swap vending machines is placed island wide making it accessible and convenient. Every station is manageable by your mobile phone simply by scanning the QRCode and take control.

From depositing, selection, and collection, everything will be managed from your mobile app. Experience intuition of our system while giving you a peace of mind operating

Step 1

Get your Bike

Step 2

Locate Station

Step 3

Insert Empty Battery

Step 4

Collect Full Battery

Step 5

Swap into Bike

Step 6

Continue Support!

Benefits with Swapee

How hopping onto Swapee Battery Swapping helps you


Lifestyle enhancing factors

  • Maintenance Free Battery
  • Convenient Swapping
  • Unlimited Range
  • Islandwide Availability
  • 24/7 Automated Service
Complete Mileage Solution

What we offer you

  • You Own the bike
  • We Cover the Battery
  • Find Us Anywhere in Singapore