We at Raintree Habitech

Once upon a time, in a place call the Shire...

Raintree Habitech is a startup teamed with expertise in the 2 wheelers/ transport industry, rendering conceptualization, procurement, distribution, with system and customer management for totalization on e-bikes, battery packs and charging kiosks.

Advocating and endorsing to provide a green system of commute with sustainability, our battery design with charging (distribution) kiosks shall be populated all over Singapore in progressive phases, rendering cyclists the seamless access for continuous rides.

With the network platform via web access, account users could manage payment, locating of battery kiosks, range proximity for battery usage and rewards systems etc.

eBikes roll out shall be from two models, available via online platform (early bird special applies) in 2023. Two varying models with fitting 20”wheels size, compact and rigid frames that optimizes an emblematic battery pack with range averaging 60km per charge/ run.

Readily accessible charging/ distribution kiosks shall be stationed at prominent venues, allowing riders to have a one-to-one rotation from a consumed to a packed charge and continuity to ride on. Kiosks are available 24/7 and supply suffice for 10 slot switches.


Block 3007 Ubi Road 1, #04-452, Singapore 408701

+65 8195 8195