How it Works

Complete Battery Swapping System

Quick stop and swap vending machines is placed island wide making it accessible and convenient. Every station is manageable by your mobile phone simply by scanning the QRCode and take control.

From depositing, selection, and collection, everything will be managed from your mobile app. Experience intuition of our system while giving you a peace of mind operating

The Benefits - Hopping on to battery swapping

Lifestyle Enhancing Factors
  • Maintenance Free Battery
  • Convenient Swapping
  • Unlimited Range
  • Smart System
  • 24/7 Ready & Automated

Complete Mileage Solution

Unleash the potential of Limitless Journey
  • You Own the Bike
  • We Cover the Battery
  • Locate Us Anywhere in SG

Comparison Chart

Charging Point VS Battery Swapping
Comparison Charging Point Battery Swapping
Battery Charging Time 8~12hrs 30s
Mileage Continuation <50km Always Available
Battery Charge Cycles ~300 Cycles Unlimited
Space Constraints Powerpoint Always Outdoor
Hassle Yes No
Safety Index

Safety Star Determining Factors

  • i. Impact Tolerance
  • ii. Ingress Protection (IP)
  • iii. Charge IO Tolerance
  • iv. Fire Hazard Protection
  • v. Advance Battery Balancing